Aye! It's the Antonuccis

Aye! It's the Antonuccis

Friday, June 3, 2011

He's Here!!! Anthony Angelo Antonucci IV

He's here, he's here!  We are so excited to welcome our new little boy, Anthony Angelo Antonucci IV!  After a long day of moving, I started to feel contractions and pain.  Late in the day (May 21st, Addalyn's birthday) we decided to head to the doctor to check it out.  After monitoring my contractions and running tests, they found out that I was once again passing kidney stones.  Atleast they held off until 38 weeks this time!  The next day we decided to have surgery on May 23rd to deliver our little man.  He was born at 7:55 AM coming in at 7lbs 1oz, 19 inches long. 

He is a great sleeper and little boy so far.  Addalyn loves helping out with her little brother.  She loves to give him kisses, feed him, and put his pacifier in his mouth.  She calls him "Baby" and wakes up and immediately asks where he is.  Not going to lie, we are a little surprised by how good Addalyn has been with him....it will probably be a different story once he starts getting into her things.  We still can't decide who he looks like.  He doesn't really look like Addalyn did when she was born and seems to be a mix between Anthony and I.  Daddy took week off after we returned from the hospital and has been responsible for all feedings while on vaca.  We have had literally a MILLION conversations around what we are going to call the little dude....calling him Anthony has been a little more difficult than we thought it would be.  We are debating between Anthony and Angelo and will be making a decision this weekend.  WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY LITTLE MAN....WE ADORE YOU ALREADY!

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