Aye! It's the Antonuccis

Aye! It's the Antonuccis

Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter to my THREE year old Angelo.

To my handsome three year old boy,

                  You are three.... and you are ALL boy!  This last year you have really come into your own.  Your personality is huge and you are goofy, REALLY clumsy, into everything, and always have a car/truck/ball/superhero in your hand.  When I say you are clumsy, I mean real clumsy.  Your sister never had one incident report in two years of going to school...you had a couple each week.  Your teachers said we need to bubble wrap you!
                  When you talk you are so animated.  You have the cutest lisp and drag out your S when you talk.  If we don't answer you on the first time you will say, "Mom, Mom, KRISTYN"!!  It cracks me up.
                   You love to eat.  We rarely find something that you won't consume.  I have a feeling we are going to go broke one day feeding you.  You can easily occupy yourself and play great independently.  You can sit and play trucks and cars for hours.  You are so smart, I love watching you play.  You are so technical and when you play, you can see that the wheels are turning and you are trying to figure out how things work.  You love numbers, letters, books, and school.  You do not get your feelings hurt very easy, I think you are bull headed enough things slide right off of you!
                   You recently have started saying "I love you" randomly and will tell me I'm pretty on your own from time to time.  You are the type of person that when you say, "love you" or give a hug it means something.  You are not very emotional or cuddly so when you do something sweet, it is the best thing!  People always compliment how beautiful your bright blue eyes are.  Those eyes.  They are gorgeous, vibrant, and a look into your soul.  I can see the ornery and the sweetness in you through those eyes.  They are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.
                    This past year you had your tonsils, adenoids, and nasal cavity shaved.  In one word, it really sucked!  You were not yourself and didn't feel well for at least 3 weeks.  You no longer snore or breath heavy when you sleep... and your tonsils no longer "kiss" in the back of your throat.  Throughout the process you still had a big smile on your face, used your manners in the hospital, and were a trooper.  You are so tough.
                    I love watching you and your dad together.... you guys are best buddies.  You love your dad so much and are so happy by his side.  You light up our home and lives.  I'm so proud to see you growing into the little man that you are.  Love you so much Angelo!

Three year old Stats:
Height:  You grew 4.5 inches this past year!
Weight:  45 pounds
Eyes:  Sky light blue
Hair: Spikey, light brown
Favorite Things: Ninja Turtles, Batman, Cars, Trucks, Spiderman
Favorite Movie: Cars
Favorite Food: ANYTHING!  Nuggets, pizza, eggs, donuts, muffins
Favorite Sayings: "Come on", "NO", "Almost, one minute?", "Can I have some snacksss"


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