Aye! It's the Antonuccis

Aye! It's the Antonuccis

Friday, June 19, 2015

Addalyn is SIX!

My beautiful girl is SIX!  I cannot believe it.  Please time slow down!  You continue to amaze me with the little girl you are becoming.  You are so kind, AMAZING with your brother and sister, and determined.  You work your booty off and have become an amazing dancer and performer... I'm so proud of you.  I get so nervous every time you step on stage.  You set the bar high for yourself and are not comfortable with anything other than being the best.  You are able to at such a young age own the stage.  You are sassy, bold, and big.  You are beyond flexible and talented.  You are so confident and motivated, it's so cool to see.  You have taken our move to Nebraska extremely well.  You left your family, friends, and dance studio and are doing great here in Omaha.  You tried out a few different dance studios and walked in and were not shy at all.  You take care of your brother and sister so well.  Aubryn's eyes light up every time you come into the room.  You two have a special connection and you are a great role model.  Thank you for being an amazing little human.  As hard as it is to see you grow up...it's the best to see what a wonderful person you are becoming.  As you restart kindergarten at St. Patrick's this fall, please don't lose sight of the wonderful heart you have.  I love you more than you will ever know!  Smooch!

Height: 46.1 Inches  (63%)
Weight: 50lbs  (74%)

Favorite Foods: SANDWICHES!  You love turkey.cheese.mustard sandwiches!
Style: You love wearing scarves, pink, sparkles
Things you say:  I've got this, what's up, MOM!!!, Love you (give each cheek a peck)

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