Aye! It's the Antonuccis

Aye! It's the Antonuccis

Friday, June 19, 2015

Angelo Turns FOUR!

MY WILD MAN IS FOUR!  Oh Angelo.... we love you so so much.  You fill our home with so much laughter, mess, and noise!  You are a spark that is so unique and one of kind.  I often here family, friends, and strangers say that if they had to choose to be in the head of one person, it would be YOU!  You bounce from one activity to another.... you bounce from one thought to the next.... and you really don't stop until you sleep.  Once you want something, you want it now.  You wake up asking for breakfast followed by another random thought, "Mom, we need to buy a coo coo clock!"  I sometimes am left bewildered how you go from talking about what we are eating for dinner to you telling me you love Santa's beard and kangaroos have a pouch.  Your little brain never stops.  You are so good at building things with your magnet blocks and have a quest to learn and to know how things work.  You tell everyone we meet that you are a "ninja".  Under all of your onriness you have the most loving and giving heart.  You are so sweet and feel really bad when you hurt your sister's feelings.  I read what I wrote last year about you not being over emotional.  That has definitely changed this year.  You play hard and you love hard.  You are a lot to deal with at times but are also a lot to love.  You compliment others, love your dad so much, and have a kind heart.  Thank you my little ninja for letting me see the world through your beautiful eyes.  It's definitely an adventure that I wouldn't change for the world!

Four Year Old Stats:
Height: 43.4 Inches (96%)
Weight: 51 lbs (99.3%)

Favorite Food: cheeseburgers, cereal, granola bars, hot dogs.  You sneak into the pantry and devour food.  You still really eat just about everything and always want a snack!

Favorite things you say:  Mom, we need to go to the grocery store, We need to buy that (referencing every toy he sees on TV), I love this toy, mmmmmm..... the entire time you eat, this was a really really great day, a knife a knife (first thing when we go to a restaurant), This was the best day of my entire life (anytime we do anything fun)!

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